What is Collagen?

Collagen is the vital building block of our body. Over 30% of all protein in our
body and about 80% of all protein in our skin is collagen. Watch to learn more:

How INJA Collagen Helps

  • + Rejuvenate, Support, and Strengthen Skin

  • + Increase Skin Hydration and Skin Glow

  • + Aid Skin Elasticity

  • + Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • + Tighten Skin & Improve Skin Tone

+ Strengthen Hair at The Roots

+ Increase Hair Growth

+ Enhance Hair Thickness & Volume

+ Improve hair texture

+ Prevent hair follicle damage

+ Grow Lean Muscle

+ Aid Muscle Repair & Recovery

+ Improve Joint Health & Mobility

+ Aid Muscle Repair & Recovery

+ Improve Joint Health & Mobility

+ Strengthen Joint Health

+ Reduce Joint Inflammation

+ Reinforce Tendons & Ligaments

+ Restore Bone Mineral Density

+ Preserve Bone Health & Flexibility

+ Improve Gut Health

+ Boost Immunity

+ Strengthen Nails

+ Foster Nail Growth

+ Reduce Nail Breakage & Damage

+ Decrease Nail Brittleness

Why Marine Collagen?

Using fish as a superior alternative to bovine, porcine and chicken Collagen, INJA is characterized by its low molecular weight leading to greater absorption in the body.

Fish Collagen is the most bio-available Collagen. It is 1.5 times better and more efficiently absorbed by the human body than other sources. It is also the safest source of Collagen and there is no chance of getting animal diseases such as BSE & TSE.

INJA Collagen is the result of a complex and controlled hydrolysis process to obtain premium Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides that are extremely soluble

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