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From Daily
of Collagen

30 days

Rise in Levels of Collagen in the Body

45 days

Increased Skin Elasticity, Improved Joint Health & Faster Nail Growth

60 days

Reduction in Fine-Lines & Wrinkles. Enhanced Skin Glow and Healthier Hair

90 days

Adequate Collagen Level

Post 90 days

Continue Consumption to Maintain and Improve Results

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Experts Approved

Integrative Gut Microbiome
Health Coach & Functional Nutritionist

Collagen is the essential elixir which plays a pivotal role in rebuilding the integrity of the gut lining, reduce leakiness of the gut & manage autoimmunity. It has truly been a game changer in the Gut protocol. We recommend INJA Collagen for our clients.

M.D. | Founder & CEO of Orenda
Holistic Healing

Collagen is essential for the bones, muscles, cartilages, blood vessels, nails and the list continues. I’ve been using INJA Collagen since over 3 years. I love the blueberry flavour which comes with vitamin C and antioxidants which aids in the production of collagen in our body and helps the body to reduce inflammation. I’m quite impressed with its effects. I highly recommend INJA Collagen.

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