You may or may not be aware that INJA Collagen is available in a variety of flavors. Not only do they have a lot of potentials to help your skin, which we hope you already know, but they can also be used in several ways. Continue reading for some ideas!

  1. Classic
    Best for: Just your daily dose

    Sometimes you can’t go wrong with a classic. Just mix one scoop in some water for a quick dose of your daily collagen!
  2. Cold Drink
    Best for: Summer heat

    You can dilute our INJA Beauty Collagen in Orange or Lychee flavor to make it into a summer-appropriate drink! We recommend a lot of crushed ice, sparkling water and also some lime in a glass. Scoop your Collagen and mix gently with a spoon!
  1. Workout Smoothie
    Best for: Post working out

    Adding INJA to a smoothie is a delightful and nutritious way to get your collagen supplement while also getting some fiber and minerals. For a simple and quick smoothie, combine some banana and strawberries with water, then add a scoop of your favorite INJA collagen!
  1. Healthy snack
    Best for: A quick bite

    If you’re usually looking for a nutritious snack for mid-morning or mid-afternoon, this may be the one. We recommend: a fruit bowl with our collagen powder mixed in with yogurt and topped with nuts and berries.
  1. Happy drink

Best for: Making your saturdays better

Nothing beats a mocktail for a fun evening with friends and a hangover-free morning. If you want to avoid alcohol while still getting your collagen, try blending 50ml cranberry juice, 300ml orange juice, 300ml apple juice, and 400ml sparkling water in a big jug with ice, orange slices, and mint. Then mix in your INJA Collagen at the end. This should be enough for 4-5 glasses!

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